We aim to catch these diseases early

What we do:

We are a referral centre and specialize in Quick & Effective Services:

Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Aim to detect these diseases at an early stage
  • Monitor these changes until treatment is required
  • Give best professional advice on best treatment for better outcome
  • Refer to experts for treatment
  • Monitor the condition after treatment
  • Early detection saves sight

With our colour fundus photos

  • we monitor progression of diabetic Retinopathy
  • we can detect any other retinal pathology requiring further investigation and advice
  • we detect choroidal melanoma and nevus requiring further investigation
  • we can detect asymptomatic retinal detachments

With our Topem Maestro Anterior Segment Oct, we can diagnose missed cases of angle closure glaucoma.

  • This non-invasive technique will visualize the angles; analyzing it to determine narrow of close angle glaucoma
  • It aids in diagnosing of keratoconus with radial OCt scans & 12 – B – Scans features which evaluates corneal curvature
  • It can automatically calculate central corneal thickness to determine actual intra-ocular ptressures
  • With its 3D Cube resolution can detect structural abnormalities
  • Determines patency of an iridotomy